2016: Year of Crying Jordan

Disappointment. Sadness.

Those are two of the many words that the infamous “Crying Jordan” picture represents. This meme has gone beyond viral, and there couldn’t be a more perfect year for its emergence. The American professional sports world is the epitome of “Crying Jordan”. Of the four major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB), three have championship games that should have come with a pillow and blanket for fans in attendance. The Denver Broncos smothered the Carolina Panthers in a 24-10 Super Bowl laugher. The Pittsburgh Penguins are already up 3-1 on the San Jose Sharks and look to end the series and win the Stanley Cup tonight. If that isn’t bad enough, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been outscored by a combined 48 points in the first two games of the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors currently lead the series 2-0 and many are already predicting a sweep. Each of these championships were expected to be heavyweight fights between the two best teams in their respective leagues. So there’s only one word to describe 2016’s world championships so far: Disappointment.


Sports icons that the world fell in love with are passing away right in front of us. Sean Rooks, an NBA veteran and assistant coach died yesterday, June 7th. The day before that, Kimbo Slice, MMA fighter and a childhood favorite of mine, passed away at 42. It’s very heart-wrenching, especially because Muhammad Ali’s funeral hasn’t even happened yet. His battle with many different ailments ended Friday, June 3rd. With so many deaths coming in such a short span of time, sadness is imminent. Nevertheless, we should not let it overwhelm us.

For every “Crying Jordan” meme that circulates the web, there is one that is thrown away and never used. For example, before the Broncos won the Super Bowl, many were ready with a “Crying Jordan” face perched on Peyton Manning’s body. Of course, when his team won the game, there was no use for it. Those memes were useless.

Instead of being brought down by the negative events we see in the world, let’s throw the memes waiting for us away by spreading our positivity. Muhammad Ali was a legend who was once known as the most popular person in the world. His life was one well lived, and the same lesson that applied to his life applies to all of us: A life’s quantity is irrelevant, as it is defined by the quality in which it is lived.


For a list of all the notable athletes that passed away this year as of June 8, 2016: http://www.newsday.com/sports/notable-sports-deaths-in-2016-1.11319445


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