I Supported Donald Trump for a Day

On October 11, I was determined to Make America Great Again…or something like that. trumppppplon

20 days before Halloween, I was dressed up in a costume of my own. I walked around my college campus with one of Trump’s patented posters. I did such a good job that he should’ve paid me for the advertisement (if not in money, at least a free hat).

I started my “campaign” at around 8 AM, and I immediately lost friends. I strolled to class with my sign with and a big smile, and people refused to look me in the eyes. I saw a group of strangers, said “Hello”, and they all frowned and said “No!” in unison. Man, people really hate the Donald.

By the end of the day, I was featured on at least 100 Snapchat Stories…


and I also had some interesting conversations. There were a few who were ecstatic to see a fellow Trump supporter unafraid to show bravery, while the majority of students/faculty were just angry with me. They’d start venting about how Mr. Trump is a liar, racist, misogynist, etc.

A young black man in America voting for Donald? Impossible!

Eh…not really.

Anyways, many people were pretty upset. In fact, I set a personal record for middle fingers thrown my way that day. However, once conversations with these enraged individuals progressed, I noticed something odd:

The fury subsided when I asked, “So you’re gonna vote right?”

Nine times out of ten, the answer was no.

So why is it that emotion explodes when a college student holds a poster, yet there’s no action to follow through with that emotion. It makes me wonder if hating Donald Trump is more of a trend than a conscious decision.

When did it become cool?

Should YG be taking credit for this?

Oh, and don’t worry, the same goes for all the people who screamed “Lock Her Up!” at me, and couldn’t explain why.

I didn’t write this to endorse any candidate. I honestly don’t care who you vote for in this Tuesday’s election. I just want to leave you all with three words: THINK FOR YOURSELF.

All the fake emotion I experienced in one day has been happening everywhere in America since this election began. Yet, the landscape of this country doesn’t have to stay that way. We can think for ourselves, not just tweeting about how we feel, but following through with action.

If you have an opinion, go vote on it!

If you think Scandal is real life and all elections are rigged, then let your voice be heard about that.

And finally, if you really don’t care – then do us all a favor and stop acting like you do.

*My name is Lonnie Foote III and I approve this message.


3 thoughts on “I Supported Donald Trump for a Day

  1. I always vote. Sometimes early sometimes on the day of. I am glad to have that right. For this particular election, Tuesday cannot come fast enough. I do not like all the “mud slinging.” It sickens me to realize that we “good old Americans” can voice such opinions and not back it up. I believe that my one vote matters. I know black people matter. I am black so I stand firm that my one vote matters. If I can encourage others to vote, image the force everyone would have if instead of “hating” we voted.

    Which ever party wins I know without a doubt that it is the will of God. He (God) sets up Kingdoms and He knocks them down.

    Be You!


    1. It is not God Who sets the Kingdoms up.He allows them, which is a big difference. He also allows them to develop but also to end. In the end He will make an end to them all except to His own Kingdom in which He shall allow His only begotten beloved son to be the king here on earth.


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