10 Lessons I’ve Learned from Mass Media

Over the last few months, I’ve turned “Lonnie’s FooteNotes” into a blog that focuses on various aspects of mass communication in today’s society. From tabloids, politics, to (my personal favorite) sports, mass media affects our world in unprecedented ways.

I’ve learned from my Mass Media course (COMM 226) about how what mass media has to offer our world, and how we as consumers can better utilize these tools to our advantage. This class opened my eyes to many different realities that I didn’t know existed. I learned a bevy of lessons that would take days to explain.

So instead of keeping you here for a week with them all, here are the top 10 lessons I learned:

  1. Social media “gurus” are geniuses who use social media to their advantage. The possibilities that social media provides us are endless, and America’s President-elect Donald Trump is one of the greatest gurus the world has ever seen.
  2. Photography is an art form that has changed tremendously since its blurry, black and white roots. Almost 200 years after Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented the first camera, selfies are proven to be positive for mental health, and new memes are the only reason I get up in the morning.


  1. It’s easy for people who aren’t used to today’s advanced technology (aka digital immigrants) to argue that outlets like social media are isolating us. However, the design of social media is the exact opposite. It encourages globalization and promotes building relationships with others.
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  4. In journalism, it is important to follow ethical guidelines closely. It may be tempting, but not always ethically sound to provide EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL.
  5. J. Cole is back! His new album 4 Your Eyez Only, just released today! I haven’t listened yet, but if it follows suit with his past releases, he will fall under scrutiny for profanity, mentions of violence, drugs, and things of that nature. However, America protects Cole’s ability to say whatever he wants…right?


  1. From video games to pornography, virtual reality is the way of the future. You heard it here first.
  2. One day, I supported Donald Trump, social media got involved and, well… just read this.
  3. Media literacy is extremely important. For example, there’s people threatening D.C. pizza restaurants because of a viral meme about Hillary Clinton and a child sex ring. So please, people, check multiple sources and stop believing everything you read.

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