The Alt-Right is… Unique



Social movements usually have some sort of moral compass to guide them, but this one clearly does not. The Alt-Right movement represents an extremist faction of America’s Republican Party (Even though they’ll tell you that only Muslims can be extremists).

Most Alt-Right members are believers in American Constitutionalism, as they pledge loyalty to the Star-Spangled Banner and believe that back in 1789, the Founding Fathers wrote an infallible text that should never be changed. They tend to be devout Christians – but meanwhile…


As you may have gathered by now, the Alt-Right is not your average social movement. In a previous blog, we have examined movements’ use of injustice frames because almost every social movement uses them. The Alt-Right tries to do the same, but is this evidence of injustice or reckless rhetoric?

How about this?

Another well-known theory and strategy applied to most social movements is resource mobilization. It focuses on activists’ attempts to gather important assets like money, media attention, and alliances with powerful people. Here’s the funny part about the Alt-Right:

They already have all those resources!

So the members of this movement have very little to complain about… right?

Wrong! They think there’s plenty of things wrong with America right now. Here’s a short bullet-pointed list with reality next to it in parentheses:

  • Biased Leftist News Media” (Journalists doing their job by telling American citizens what happened)
  • “Liberal Elites who criticize President Trump” (Celebrities who use their platform to deliver their political opinion, the same way Piers Morgan does)
  • “Black Lives Matter, aka the new KKK” (I’m not even going to address this, but if you want to talk to me about this in real life…be my guest.)

Now go grab a cold Sprite, sit back, and watch this video of Richard Spencer, a leading white supremacist, getting punched to my favorite Phil Collins song:

*Cover photo courtesy of  “The Daily Beast


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